Premium Content

The Premium Content page is where you can find exclusive VaudVil creations that cannot be found anywhere else.  These include videos, audio files (music, poetry, audio plays), and writing such as scripts and stories.  The cost to access this content is $10 per month and you can gain access by becoming a patron on the VaudVil Patreon Page, a crowdfunding source for artists and creators.

This is also where you can find video classes and workshops.  Classes include Marketing Tips, A Guide to Publishing, and a Writing Workshop Video series.  Access to the workshops and classes are sold individually through the VaudVil Shop.  Access to these videos will only be granted for a limited time.  Classes can be purchased multiple times.  Currently all classes are still in development and we will announce when they are available.

Original ContentClasses & Workshops

Here is a free sample of the kind of creative content we provide.
“A Visit from St. Nicholas” – A poem written by Clement Clarke Moore and performed, mixed by James Pack.


Also view some of our videos on YouTube!