New Year; New Beginnings

Rodent Pic
Last night was the last open mic at The Screening Room.  It was a great end for us and it was a great show all together.  Many performers returned and we even had a few new ones.  I want to thank Nick Cerami for coming down to perform for us one last time.  I’m sure we can convince him to come back down every once in a while.  A very big thank you goes out to Ryan Amstutz who has  been vigorously hosting for the past year and will continue to host as we move to our new venue in March.  You can catch us twice a month, still on Mondays, at The Hut on Fourth Avenue.  If you are not familiar with The Hut, look for the giant Tiki Head on Fourth Avenue.  You can’t miss it.  Our first open mic there will be on Monday, March 27 and hopefully we can make it another year.  We appreciate all of the support we’ve received so far and hope you all will join us as we move to our new home on Fourth Avenue.  Party On and Be Excellent to Each Other!

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