Tucson Magic

nightAfter doing a bit of research, VaudVil has found the perfect resource for everyone’s magic needs.  The only magic shop in Tucson, Williams Magic & Novelties.  First, it is a shop to purchase all kinds of things from tricks to books to DVDs.  The website also has a page that details what magic stuff is happening in Tucson.  There is a list of local magicians to include clowns and comedians that perform magic.  VaudVil hopes to persuade some of these folks to perform at future shows.  The website suggests these magicians mostly work at parties and corporate events.  Tucson needs more performance magic.  There just is not enough.

There are two places one can find performance magic in Tucson.  The first is Carnival of Illusion.  They sometimes perform in Tucson and sometimes farther north in the far off land of Phoenix.  Their next show in Tucson, according to their current schedule, is not until October.  The second place is the Arizona Rose Theatre.  On occasion, they provide a stage magic show.  According to their schedule, the next one will be June 3rd.

VaudVil hopes to create a nurturing environment for performers of all types.  We want to see more of you.  Also, if you are feeling adventurous, drive down to Bisbee, AZ and check out the The Bisbee Seance Room.  If you are an aspiring magician reading this, please give our Artist Questionnaire Page a visit and fill out the form.  Do you know of other magic going on in Tucson or Southern Arizona?  Pass the information to us on our Contact VaudVil Page.

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