Website Transfer is Complete

The site is back up and looking spectacular.  There will still be some little cosmetic changes but overall things are looking good.  Thank you all for your patience.  There are many new changes coming to the kind of entertainment we offer but rest assure that we are not going anywhere.  We are overcoming some hurdles but things are looking up and we’ll be back on top in no time.  Clicking some of the links to your right will also help support us and visiting our website regularly is always nice too.  If you ever do not like something we are doing, please tell us and we will listen to any and all suggestions.

We are working on producing more video content so definitely give our YouTube page a visit.  We are always doing things to stay busy but it does not always lead to productive things.  We will be hosting some panels at the Tucson Comic-Con and we will provide you with all the details once things are finalized.  We are also promoting some books by our fearless leader, James Pack.  He’s a writing fool.  We also have some music production in the works and we will see how all those things work out.  It should be a fun adventure.

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