Venues of Tucson

We at VaudVil are slowly compiling a list of every venue in Tucson that can be utilized by local artists. This is a long and time consuming process so it will take a very long time. We have a list should anyone want to ask about a certain place, but we hope to learn more about each venue as we go along. Questions someone might have include what rental fees are, or how large of an audience can the venue accommodate. We will be looking through all these details for each venue so that local artists can save time when searching for a venue.

Currently in Tucson, we have more production companies and artists than we have venues. This can be a struggle especially for someone new to the area. We hope we can bring more venues to the Tucson that are specifically for performance. There are many bars and restaurants that have performance areas; however, they often only book live music and it is less likely they will book theatrical entertainment unless it has a strong musical focus. This is great for our musician family but not so much for other entertaining siblings.

It is a slow process. It will take many years and lots of hard work on everyone’s part but we all, together, can make Tucson a thriving hub for entertainment and performing arts. There is a large entertainment community and a lot of entertainment history. This is the city where Linda Ronstadt got her start and Garry Shandling attended the University of Arizona. That is just the beginning. Tucson recently received the IFEA World Festival & Event City Award. There are only eight other cities in the world who have received this award and it is time for us to take advantage of this new status.

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