Special Events in Tucson

Tucson is a unique city for multiple reasons. One of these is Tucson is a hub for festivals and events. Tucson recently received the IFEA World Festival & Event City Award. There are only eight other cities in the world who have received this award. The process of setting up an event or festival is very simple and the City offers resources on their website under the Special Events section. One must submit an application specifying the details of the event, number of days, location, expected attendance, etc… The website offers helpful information for insurance needs, additional permits and licenses for food or alcohol, and so much more.

It is very important that organizations follow this process. It is not only helpful with planning the event but also it ensures that the city can have locations inspected by the Fire Marshall and make certain that any safety concerns are dealt with before the event. This will also give the city a better idea of just how many events happen in Tucson throughout the year. Unfortunately, most entertainers are not aware of these city requirements. This application process is for any and every event and must be followed.

Currently, a city business license is only required if someone is selling goods to the public. This would include merchandise such as apparel or CDs. If nothing is being sold, there is no need for a business license. Should anyone have questions about what license would be needed or if one is needed, send an email to vaudvil@yahoo.com. We are always happy to help.

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