Street Theater Show Last October

On Saturday, October 28, 2017 (yes this is an extremely late post), we joined forces with the Tucson Fringe Theater Festival to bring Tucson some street theater. What is street theater you ask? It is sometimes called busking. Busking (or street performance) is the act of performing in public places for gratuities. Many celebrities such as Robin Williams and Eddie Izzard started their careers as buskers. While it is easy to find several musicians floating around the streets of Tucson performing for gratuities, you will not likely find any other kinds of performers. The goal of this event was to provide a space for other forms of entertainment on the streets of Tucson.

We had a stellar cast of characters for our first ever street performance event. Amaranth the Clown, recently relocated to Tucson after studying professional clowning and movement theater, provided fun entertainment for the young and young at heart. Ted Falagan offered some standup comedy based on his many life experiences. Ted drove all the way up to Tucson from Sierra Vista, where he works with his wife Deborah Fabiano-Falagan in The Fault Line Players. Kaitlyn Fabry stepped up with her guitar and performed some original music which is on sale on iTunes. Our final performers were the Saguaro Stompers Clog Dance Company who provided a great deal of tap dancing with an assortment of different dancers. If we had been in a house, they would have brought it down.

I want to personally thank all the performers who attended the event, and apologize for the late posting. Also, we hope to have future events like this one so please be on the lookout for any upcoming events. We at VaudVil also hope to produce more events in the coming new year and it is most likely these will be on the public access television channel Creative Tucson, Cox Channel 12 and 20, Comcast Channel 74. We are always looking for new ideas and help with projects so please show your support by liking our Facebook Page, following us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribing to our YouTube Channel. You can find lots of photos from the event below and on social media.


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