Artist Spotlight Questionnaire

It has been a while but we finally have the Artist Spotlight Questionnaire back online.  You can find the link in our top menu under Services or click here.  Our Artist Spotlight Series is an opportunity for local Tucson Performance Artists to be featured and showcased. This is free for any artist to participate. There are 20 questions but only the first 5 are required.  Artists may answer as few or as many as they like.  This helps VaudVil meet new artists and helps artists gain a little more exposure while taking up very little of their time. This endeavor applies to one of our core values; Collaboration.  We want to collaborate with you!

VaudVil also offers free reviews for live events.  We only ask that you allow one of our people access to the event for free.  We will ask for nothing else and we promise to write an honest review.  This may include good things and bad things but it will be an honest critique of the show.  Please fill out our Contact Form with any questions, comments, concerns, or testimonials.  We can never have too much feedback.  VaudVil is here to serve the Tucson community and the entertainment community.  We hope to build a thriving and exciting future for Tucson entertainment.

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