Artist Representation

VaudVil is moving into the world of booking for acts and artists.  All of the details are being ironed out, but we hope to have more information on the website soon.  We have a variety troupe, several musicians, and an illusionist on our roster of talent.  We are always looking for new talent to represent, but you can also hire VaudVil for consultation if you are not ready for full time booking services.  You can learn more on our Services Page and you can learn more about costs of consultation, among other things, at our Shop Page.

We are also always looking for new venues to feature our entertainers and even non-conventional performance spaces.  No room is too small to feature great entertainment!  We will be off to a rough start trying to coordinate all the things.  Venues have always been an obstacle in Tucson so if you have a space that includes a stage and dressing rooms and might even accommodate alcohol, we want to hear from you.  If you or a business partner are considering a new venture, performance venues that include alcohol and/or food will be highly successful in the long term and we at VaudVil can help with planning for such a venue.

If you are looking for representation, or if you need guidance with how to find more work in the entertainment industry, you can fill out the form on our Contact Page.  We offer reasonable rates for consultation and we can help you develop the necessary edge to stand out against all the competition.  We can help you advance your career without you making the commitment of being represented by VaudVil.  We are here to help all performers of all types.  Also, if you have any performances happening in Tucson, please send us the information as we feature many local events on our blog and would love to know all the wonderful things happening in Tucson, AZ.

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