Noteworthy Events in March

As always there is a cavalcade of events happening every day in Tucson and these are only a small few that deserve your attention. There are hundreds more that you may or may not already be aware of and new ones appear every day. This will be a little more streamlined than last month mostly because of laziness. We provide links to each of these events; however, you can always contact us for more details about something in particular. There are so many things happening in Tucson and we want you to know that you can come to VaudVil for your entertainment needs. So, what’s happening this March?

Once again, these are not all the events happening in Tucson. These are just a few that we at VaudVil like to spotlight to help the world know about the other entertainment in Tucson that doesn’t involve music and national touring shows. Local entertainment needs Tucson’s help to grow and thrive and that is VaudVil’s purpose; to provide opportunities for local artists and businesses. If you know of other events happening around Tucson that you feel should be included in write-ups like this, please send us an email or message on Facebook. We’ll even consider publishing your own write-ups at no cost to you. Help us spread the word about entertainment in our community.

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