Seeking Contributors

Tucson has a large entertainment community and it’s time we all started working together.  VaudVil is looking for people to contribute to our blog.  Do you have a fun, scary, or interesting story about performing in Tucson?  Do you want to share your 20+ years of experience as a performer?  Do you want to review some of the great entertainment our city has to offer?  We want you to share it all with VaudVil.  Currently, we cannot offer payment other than linking back to your website or social media, but we are not asking for much either.

You can share information about your upcoming events or discuss pros and cons of certain venues.  Do you know an underrated artist who passed away before their time and want a place to write something in their memory?  We want to read it all.  Posts will be subject to curation and editing by VaudVil, but we will read everything that is sent to us.  We want to bring the entertainment community in Tucson together and create a thriving economy for everyone to work and get paid full-time for their art and self-expression.  Why can’t we help and support each other?  It’s time to end the cliques and exclusive performance groups!

If you are not interested in sharing or posting something on our blog, please send us any information about upcoming shows.  We are also another place to advertise your events for free.  All we ask is that you share our page or posts when we mention your event.  Is that too much to ask?  Send our links out of Facebook or Twitter.  Tell your friends about the cool website that has everything Tucson Entertainment.  Help us build and thriving, inviting, and lucrative community for our little/big town.  Let’s make Tucson the second entertainment capital of the world!

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