VaudVil Provides Booking Services for Performers

TUCSON, AZ – Mar. 14, 18 – VaudVil has begun providing booking services for local musicians and other performers in the Old Pueblo.  VaudVil’s mission is to help find and provide opportunities for performance artists to make a living with their art form.  Many performers have regular full-time day jobs and can only perform on the weekends.  For most performers searching for full-time work in the arts, moving to New York or Los Angeles are the only options.

VaudVil’s goal is to create performance opportunities in Tucson for all kinds of performing artists.  VaudVil can help performers build their following, not only by producing shows, but by helping the performer with marketing and business management.  VaudVil helps businesses as well.  Entertainment can be used as a tool to increase attendance and sales at local bars and restaurants.  Entertainment is also great for business branding and can help small businesses thrive and grow.

Along with booking services, VaudVil now offers consultation for individuals and businesses.  Consultation includes guides and overviews for marketing, publishing, business plan development, legal knowledge in the digital world, building business brands, writing workshops, and much more.  Consultation is hourly and includes information for artists and general businesses.

Artists interested in these services should contact VaudVil on their website,  The details of every booking agreement vary and will be discussed and agreed upon before any documents are signed.  “No one is really doing this in Tucson at the local level right now, so we are providing a need in the community, for both performers and for Tucson.  It’s an exciting time for VaudVil and for the entertainment community.” – James Pack, Founder/Booking Agent

VaudVil has been helping the entertainment community of Tucson since 2011.  They have produced 100+ shows and events featuring local comedians, musicians, magicians, and more.  VaudVil focuses on their core values: Passion, Adventure, Collaboration, and Kindness.  VaudVil asks for members of the community to help support local performing arts and local artists along with local businesses.

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