A Long-Awaited Update

We have many things in the works for the future of VaudVil. We are in the process of developing one or two new live shows. Our main issue is securing a venue and the only real issue is scheduling meetings with the owners. Because it is so late in the year, we will try to have something going before the year’s end, but it is likely nothing will happen until 2019. We haven’t given up on our dreams, we had to back up to the crawl phase in the crawl, walk, run metaphor.

We have been working with other local organizations and performers to help them with their event promotions and this takes a lot of time away from planning our own events. At the same time, it helps keep VaudVil alive in the hearts and minds of the people. VaudVil’s mission is to provide support to local artists and performance groups and no matter what capacity we work, this will always be the mission. One day we might write a real mission statement but today is not that day. So, what is VaudVil really up to these days and what do the wonderful people of Tucson have to look forward to?

We will have more events listed on our calendar listed on our Events Page. Many of these events are not produced by VaudVil but we are helping promote them to build awareness. We are teaming up with the Comedy Alliance of Tucson (CAT) to provide classes and workshops for local comedians and anyone else who wants to attend. The first workshop will be Saturday, October 6 at 2pm at Café Passé. More details will be revealed as we move closer to the event. We are also hosting a panel at the Tucson Comic-Con in November discussing self-publishing. You must have a pass to the convention to attend the free panel.

There are a few other things in the works but nothing concrete and we will mention these projects as more details come available. We hope to plan and sponsor a variety event in January for the Tucson Fringe Festival. Currently, our focus is the website and building awareness. You can help by spreading the word or by visiting our Support Page to find other ways to help our projects grow and thrive. You can also find a list of the artists, groups, and organizations with which we currently work. We are hoping to expand this list by the end of the year.

We also provide a free service to local artists and groups. You can fill out our questionnaire and send us a headshot and we will post a feature on our website. You can see some of the other artists we have spotlighted recently. We can never have too many of these so please tell your friends to fill out the form. We want to meet all of you, help build your careers as performers, and hopefully work with you in some of our future events. Let’s bring Tucson together with entertainment.

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