Artist Spotlights and Future Projects

Once again, we are seeking a new round of Artist Spotlights. We had quite a few over the Summer but some folks never sent in their photos. There are so many artists in Tucson and few of them have the opportunity to be seen. Our goal here at VaudVil is to help the little guy get seen. Some performers put forth more work than others and never receive recognition. VaudVil wants to recognize all the hard workers in town, but we can’t do this alone. First, you must fill out our Questionnaire Form on Google forms.

This is the first step in our journalistic endeavors and it only works if people answer our questions. For most people it only takes about five minutes, but it really depends how in-depth you get when answering the questions. Some folks have many one-word answers where others offer paragraph upon paragraph of information and history about themselves. The choice is yours. And we expect a photo or headshot. No photo, no feature. That’s not too much to ask and the return is huge. It would be larger if more people participated so tell your friends and make them fill out our form.

We hope to move into show reviews, venue features, and more detailed interviews with local artists. Something like a real magazine or newspaper. This of course takes time that we don’t have a lot of at the moment. We also want to move back into producing live shows and possibly a few internet video series. It’s a slow work in progress, but we will persevere and succeed. We of course can always use some extra help with social media management and some contributing writers for the website would be helpful as well. It takes a village, really. Just send us an email on our Contact Page.

We are currently working on a list of October events that features the more obscure things you may not hear about unless you are part of that crowd and VaudVil is here to bring many crowds together. We don’t always talk about comedy, but it’s always welcome here. We don’t always talk about magic, but it’s always welcome here. We don’t always talk about burlesque, but…you get the idea. Also feel free to send us information about upcoming events or new artists or venues. We want to a helpful hand to local artists, but we also want to help future audiences find entertainment that suits them best.

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