Entertainment Community Meeting

This coming Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 2pm VaudVil is hosting a meeting, or gettogether, for anyone involved in entertainment in Tucson. This is a free public event at the Joel Valdez Main Library in downtown Tucson in the Level 1 Meeting Room. The purpose of this meeting is to bring as many people together as possible and try to brainstorm ideas to solve problems the entertainment community is facing. Some examples would be finding more venues for local entertainers of all types, not just musicians and comedians, and the most effective ways to publicize and market events.

Tucson has a lot of entertainment. Many events and performing arts groups are unknown to most of Tucson’s population. How can the community increase awareness? How can the community get people to come from out of town to see a show in Tucson? There are plenty of large national touring shows that have no problem filling seats. How does the community fill the seats for local shows? How can the community guarantee a new venue will do well for the first three years its open? These are not easy questions with easy answers. Answers cannot be found unless the community starts to work together.

There are many organizations that seek to answer some of these questions, but they only focus on one area and it limits the rest of the community. Tucson has the potential to exceed every other city in the US in terms of entertainment if everyone works together. Las Vegas is the number one city for entertainment and Tucson can easily become number two, but it won’t happen overnight. It is up to Tucson locals to make these changes happen.

Events. Art. Tucson.

To learn more about the meeting, visit the Facebook Event Page. Comments, questions, and concerns can be sent to VaudVil through the Contact Page.

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