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Tucson’s source for variety entertainment!

So, what is variety entertainment?  It is variety arts or variety shows that feature a variety of acts to include musical performance, sketch comedy, magic, acrobatics, juggling, ventriloquism; just to name a few.  Before television, radio, and motion pictures, this was the most popular form of entertainment all over the world.  Audiences lost interest over time as they had more entertainment mediums to choose from but there has been increased interest in the art form within the last few years.

VaudVil’s mission is to help find and provide opportunities for performance artists to make a living with their art form.  Many performers have regular full time day jobs and can only perform on the weekends.  For many of them, this is a comfortable lifestyle offering them the ability to express themselves creatively while still paying all their bills.  There are some; however, who seek opportunities to perform full time.  For most performers searching for full time work in the arts, moving to New York or Los Angeles are the only options.  What if there were more opportunities in Tucson, AZ?

There is a desire for more entertainment in Tucson but it’s a hard town.  Much of the population are college students for most of the year and they have so many things fighting for their attention.  After four years, the students leave and a whole new group arrives.  This can make it difficult for performers to build a following and a fan base.  VaudVil can help performers build that following not only by producing shows but by helping the performer with marketing and business management.  Even if one is a solo performer, they should still manage their finances as if they were a business.

VaudVil helps businesses as well.  Entertainment can be used as a tool to increase attendance and sales at local bars and restaurants.  Entertainment is also great for business branding and can help small businesses thrive and grow.  If more small businesses are succeeding, the local economy increases and the community benefits.  VaudVil is a public service for the Tucson Community.

VaudVil Needs Your Help

The most important thing you can do to help VaudVil is to spread the word.  Tell others in your community; neighbors, friends, coworkers, about VaudVil and what VaudVil does.  And remember to tell them about our core values.

Passion – Care about what you do.

Adventure – Be willing to try new things.

Collaboration – Two minds are better than one.

Kindness – Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.

This is our passion and it is not something we can do alone.  Change is never easy.  We want to collaborate with performers, businesses, and everyone in our community.  We want to collaborate with you.  Will you join us on this adventure?  We’re asking you to support local members of the community; local artists and performance artists.  It’s the kind thing to do.  Be kind to your local performance artists.


James Pack – Managing Owner

Ryan Amstutz – Comedian/Host

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