Here are a few of the projects we are working on and where you can find out more details to help out and learn about the development of these projects.



The Alley Pans
The Alley Pans recreate the sounds of Ragtime and Tin Pan Alley with a hard rock twist.  Each song was written and published between 1890 and 1920.  The original sheet music was adapted to guitar and bass with heavy drum beats.  Originally written for piano, these tunes translate well into the rock n’ roll genre.  Rock out with these jazzy scores and crank up the volume.

Download the album or individual songs at the CD Baby Store.  Also available on iTunes.


Pariah Unbound
Pariah Unbound is a social experiment. Why follow what the mainstream offers when one can create their own mythology? Step out into the fringe, join the outcasts, and embrace the freedom with the outsiders.

The Forgotten Record EP is a short album recreating the sound of analog music from days long past. Each track is mixed down to sound as if it were playing off an old record; pre-1930s. Enjoy the sounds of yesteryear with new original music by Pariah Unbound.

Download the album or individual songs at the CD Baby Store.



Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry by James Pack
The complete collection of poetry by James Pack.  The poetry in this collection was written between 2002-2016.  Gripping poems of a struggling youth and fantastical fictional narrative poetry for all ages.  Pariah Bound comprises all the emotions and dreams of a young man still discovering his place in this world.  With over 250 poems, there is something for everyone in this complete collection.

Available in both eBook and Paperback.


Dollar Tales From the Morbid Museum: The Ghosts Inside by James Pack
These Dollar Tales feature one or two short stories from the forthcoming collection of fiction by James Pack titled Morbid Museum. This Dollar Tale is called The Ghosts Inside and features the original and extended versions of the story. Go inside the mind of a man who believes he is saving children by ending their lives. Will he kill again or will someone stop him from taking young lives?

Available in eBook.


Live Entertainment


The Equality Spectrum
A group of performers who entertain while bringing awareness to social issues such as; personality disorders, race, sexuality, gender identity, etc…

Each performer chooses a stock character to interpret. Each stock character is gender neutral, has a specific color as a mask or face paint (red, black, blue, green, etc…), has a specific sexual orientation, and has certain behaviors based on a specific personality disorder.



The Ryan Amstutz Show
A late night talk show on the radio and/or podcast and/or a live show. It is the dream of our host extraordinaire to be a late night talk show host.  Still in development.

Check back regularly to see what kinds of new projects we are working on and how you can be apart of the creativity.