Here is a list of services offered by VaudVil.  Pricing is negotiable.  Fill out the form on the Contact VaudVil Page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  Our goal is to help build and create a stronger entertainment community and to help each individual entertainer succeed in this business.

Booking Agent/Publicist – 10% of income from gigs booked

Need help getting booked for paid gigs in Tucson?  We will help you build an online presence and put together a press kit to send to potential events and venues.  Get booked only as often as you want.  We will also handle all PR and help you build a successful foundation for a career beyond the constrains of Tucson.  For more information, contact

Press Kit Building & Website Feature – $25

If you want bookings, you need a press kit.  If you can’t afford a full-time booking agent, we will build your press kit and feature your info on the VaudVil website.  One time fee.

Entertainment Consulting – $25/hour

Consulting in Project & Event Planning, Project & Event Finance Management, Digital Marketing/SEO, Writing Marketing Copy, Traditional Marketing, Publishing & Distribution (books, film, music), Brand Development & Management.  We have discounted options for multiple consulting hours.

Content Creation For Your Website, Blog, Social Media Accounts – $0.05 per word.  Cost depends on length of writing.

Press Releases, Marketing copy, fiction or non-fiction, articles, jokes, memes, etc…we can create anything you might need to help build and establish your brand in the digital world.

Project & Event Planning/Management – Cost depends on needs, length of project or event, etc…

Hire VaudVil to manager your event or project.  Events and projects are usually temporary so this does not require as much time as other services.  The cheaper option is to have us as an on call consultant and manage the event yourself.

Also be sure to check out the VaudVil Shop for other items and event tickets available for sale.

Free Stuff

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